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    • I like a door that opens into the kitchen. Otherwise, every time you go grocery shopping (twice a month for me) you have to drag the groceries the full length of the house. And this includes rainy season (mud), and winter (slush) being tracked back and forth down the full length of the house until all of your bags are in. What a mess! Better to have the kitchen right there and you can stand at you car trunk and pass the bag into the house on the floor, then close up the trunk, go in the house, close the door, and put away your shopping. MUCH cleaner… trust me; been there, done that.

  1. I love the shelving in front of the closet; very nice idea. But I think I’d like it even better if there were two cases of shelves, side-by-side like French doors that swing out from the middle to reveal the closet behind. This would make things look more attractive and give more shelving space.

  2. This unit is practical and very thoughtfully done. I like every part of it. Total usefulness. The more information link does not work at this time. Any hope for further information in the future? Thank you for presenting this gem!


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